Woman Cradles Dying Shelter Dog In Her Arms Overnight So He Won’t Pass On Alone

We all hope that every dog that gets rescued from the streets goes on to live a happy life. Unfortunately for some, this isn’t the case.

Janine Guido knew that Watson, an abandoned Pit Bull, was ready to pass on when she saw him.

Janine works at Speranza Animal Rescue and first spotted Watson when a stranger brought him in from a nearby park just a week earlier.

At the time, the dog was covered in sores and was dealing with a large tumor on his leg.

He was also emancipated. Workers quickly realized that the tumor was cancerous and inoperable.

Janine is well-known within the animal rescue community of Philadelphia.

After Watson came back from the emergency vet, she knew that the dog didn’t have a lot of time left to live.

However, she wanted to make sure that Watson did not die all alone.

Janine told the Dodo that she had a feeling that the next day would not be good for Watson.

She knew that the dog needed someone to stay with him so that he didn’t feel alone.

She decided that it was up to her to make Watson feel as comfortable as he could during the night.

She piled up a number of blankets on the floor by him in the shelter. Then, she got down with Watson and held him the whole night as he slept.

When Janine woke up in the morning, she could tell that Watson was ready to go. He passed away just a little bit later.

Janine is thankful that she was able to hold him throughout the night. She kept telling Watson that he was loved and mattered.

His passing reminds us that even when a dog is ready to pass on, we should always allow them to die with as much love and care as possible.