There Is A Bee Hidden In These Flowers. Can You Spot It Within 8 Seconds?

If you’re like me, then you love spending a few minutes each week with a brainteaser. I remember when I was growing up, my dad would share that section of the newspaper with my brother and me. We’d pour our attention into the weekly brainteaser, trying to figure out what it was and use our minds to get to the answer. It was a lot of fun for us kids, and to this day, I still love engaging with the occasional brainteaser as I’m sure you are as well.

This optical illusion won’t just tease your brain. It will bend it to the limit. You’ll need all your mental fortitude and creative intuition to figure out the answer to it. There’s a bee hiding within this collage of flowers, and it’s your task to find where it is.

The graphic, which was created by Swift Direct Blinds, claims that if you can see the bee within eight seconds, then you’re among the top spotters in the world. I took much longer than eight seconds to get to the answer of this brain-bending puzzle. It took me more like forty-five seconds before I was able to see the bee among the flowers and colors.

One tip I have for you is that the bee is quite small. If you’re suspecting that the flowers form part of the bee or vice versa, then know that that intuition is incorrect. While many brain teasers use shapes to trick the mind, this one does not do that – it has simply hidden the bee in a difficult to spot location.

“Brainteasers and optical illusions are always a hit around the office and to be able to tie in with such an important cause is great,” said David Roebuck, Managing Director at Swift Direct Blinds. “The hidden bee has really stumped a lot of people! We hope the blind generates some fun and a talking point among people and raises some awareness at the same time.”

The bee in this picture is black and yellow. It resembles a honeybee, in my opinion, although an expert might correct my hunch. You’re going to want to take out your glasses or a magnifying glass to solve this brain teaser. It might also help if you make the image take up your full screen.

Brainteasers are among the most popular stories shared on Daily Mail. That’s where I found the following comments that you’ll want to engage with and read.

“Have to say I usually pride myself on this sort of thing but could not see that bee! Ah, well..”

The general consensus was that some people managed to find the bee very quickly while others struggled to find it in the allotted time. I was among the first group – the slowpokes. Although, I, like the person whose comment we featured above, like to think of myself as quick at these optical illusions, this one was hard!

Go to the image at the top and try to find the bee. How long did it take you to find it? Fewer than eight seconds, or did it take you longer?