Police Are Looking For The Thug That Shot This Kitten With A Crossbow

There’s a sick freak on the loose in New Jersey after cops realize that a maniac shot a cat in the face with a crossbow bolt. Because police are compelled to bring the “lowlife” into the station and book him or her with animal cruelty charges, they’re working around the clock, putting as many boots on the pavement as possible so they can find the maniac who committed this act of senseless violence.

Since the traumatic event, the cat, who has been named Kitty Luck, was found struggling to survive on the road along Casino Drive in Howell, New Jersey. The poor feline was shot in the face with a crossbow bolt and had little hope of making it through the night let alone surviving.

Because the cops are furious that someone in their community took a crossbow to the face of Kitty Luck, they’re dead-set on finding the criminal and bringing the maniac to justice.

Because Kitty Luck was a “community cat,” the violent fiend probably thought that no one would mind if it were shot in the face. The crook could not have been more wrong. Everyone loved Kitty Luck and hated seeing the poor feline abused as he was.

Whoever it was that was stalking the streets of New Jersey with a handheld crossbow is going to be caught by the law. The police are furious at the perpetrator and plan to bring them to justice in style. And the best investigators at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office are putting aside all other cases so they can find the man or woman who took a crossbow to the face of the adorable, and well-loved, Kitty Luck.

Since the abuse was identified, the Howell Township Police Department took to Facebook as a way to get the people in the community involved in the search. It’s all-hands-on-deck in this New Jersey community. They want to find the fiend who shot Kitty Luck in the face with a crossbow.

“Help us find the lowlife who committed such a cowardly act to this innocent animal,” the Howell police pleaded with the public. And there were many people who were all too eager to help the cops get the man or woman responsible.

Besides the police department, the Monmouth County SPCA also shared a message on Facebook. While they hope the crook is brought to justice, they were pleased to announce that Kitty Luck was doing pretty well.

“A couple of nights back, Howell Police Department responded to a call about an injured cat. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered an adult cat who had been shot directly in the face with a crossbow bolt. The officers called their local animal control who contacted our Humane Law Enforcement Division, and we advised them to rush the cat to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital for immediate care.

“The cat who we’ve named Kitty Luck was sedated and had the bolt carefully removed by the wonderful staff at RBVH. After Kitty Luck recovered from his procedure, he was taken to our shelter where he could recover.”

Cops are still hunting for the fiend who did this.