Officer Risks Her Own Life And Jumps Off Overpass To Save Teen’s Life

Officer Cavallo serves as an example of what bravery and courage should look like in a police officer.

A lot of people in the world tend to just forget about God from time to time due to the events of their lives. It’s not altogether right to label these people as evil, especially considering the fact that it has become something of a commonplace for us humans to be tempted by something at almost every twist and turn.

However, a 12 year old by almost ended it all for himself, but he was saved by the grace of The Lord Himself.

The Lord understands the fact that we all need His guiding hand to get us through tough times every once in a while, and he sent police officer Jessie Ferreira Cavallo to intervene in the case of this boy.

Jessie Ferreira Cavallo, a 28-year-old police officer, was on her way to her place of work when she suddenly came across the sight; a 12-year-old boy who was jumping few feet from an overpass.

When she saw this sight, Officer Cavallo didn’t even give it any time to think. She instinctively stopped her police car on the shoulder, filled al of her pockets with First Aid materials that were gotten from her car and immediately jumped in chase of the boy. She eventually credited the training that she got for her ability to approach the entire situation in such a calm and rational manner.

Later, she was quoted saying, “The whole thing just happened so fast, and I think my adrenaline must have been pumping so incredibly high”.

Another woman who happened to be passing by stopped to offer her help as well. Between the two women, they were able to get the boy the kind of assistance that he required.

When the boy finally opened his eyes and came to, Officer Cavallo tried to speak to him. However, she noted that the boy seemed to be unresponsive for most of the ordeal. The boy, who came from the Bronx, suffered a broken nose, a broken arm, as well as a few injuries to his leg. However, he is expected to survive and come out of the whole thing feeling better with time.

The boy is said to be from the Andrus campus in Yonkers, New York. Andrus is a popular non-profit organization that provides a wide array of services to children who have special needs as well as those who have certain behavioral and emotional issues. It is suspected that this boy was having some issues, and he was looking for a way to simply make it all go away.

Hence, the attempt to end his own life.

Officer Cavallo sad that all she wants to do is give the boy a big hug. She said that she will very much like to see the boy in the hospital later on just to see how he is doing, and she has put it in her plans to do so.

The officer has been serving in the police force for about seven years and in that span of time, she has received six awards in recognition of her exemplary service. She is truly an admirable police officer, and this latest rescue shows just how selfless she is.

At the same time, this just goes to prove one thing; whatever you’re facing, suicide is never the answer.