Mother-In-Law Is Exposed On National TV After Deaf Woman Gets Her Hearing Restored

A good relationship with the in-laws doesn’t happen all the time. It is usually complicated! This is because both sides hear all the gossips and this does not end up good most of the time. Even in this modern day and age, it still happens. A spouse has to stay loyal to his or her partner which causes a problem between the in-laws. This is what happened to this mother and wife.

Sarah Churman always thought that she has a flawless relationship with her mother-in-law.

But she did not know the entire truth! Churman was born deaf and she could never hear a single sound. She lived like this for 34 years and this means that she never ever heard her husband’s voice when he says, ‘I love you.’ Other than that, she also never heard her mother-in-laws’ hurtful criticisms!

This new technology is expensive. It can cost $30,000 for each ear which she cannot afford. With her husband’s support, they started to look for a solution to this problem but it seems like they just couldn’t find one. Not until a loved one came and gave them a generous offer.

Churman’s mother-in-law offered to pay for one of the implants!

Ellen DeGeneres heard about Churman’s story and she did not waste time and invited her to her show where she can share her story. Little did she know that Ellen had a big surprise prepared for her! Ellen was focusing the camera on Churman’s mother-in-law as she revealed her surprise.

Churman was surprised that her mother-in-law wanted to pay for the procedure. But as soon as her mother-in-law said these words, she can hear it!

“Sarah is the best daughter-in-law in the world.”

Sarah already had her hearing back and she also wants to get the implant done on her other ear. This is when Ellen revealed her surprise. She has a gift toward Envoy Medical Corporation which is the company who did Sarah’s first implant. Ellen gave her what she needed in order for Sarah to get the next procedure done.

Not only that, Ellen also offered Sarah’s mother-in-law $30,000 to “pay her back” for her generosity. She was floored.

Ellen is known for her generosity, but people like Sarah’s mother-in-law also inspires Ellen to help others who are in need. As an old adage says, “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” Always take the chance to pay it forward, even if the person doesn’t ask for your help.