Mom Finds Money Missing From Her Bank Account A Day After Leaving A Very Generous Tip

The usual thing to do after eating at a restaurant is to leave a tip for the waiter or waitress that served you. While it is great to be generous with this, what you decide to give depends entirely on you as a customer.So imagine the shock when a woman found out that a waitress which she felt had been tipped generously took more money out of her account because the waitress felt she was entitled to more.Whitney Anderson had gone out on a family dinner with her husband and three kids. After the meal, they left the Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant where they ate.

Everything was fine until she looked at her bank statement the following day. She was shocked when she discovered that waitress had taken extra money out of her account even though she had left what she felt was a generous enough tip for the meal.“It was $45.50, and I tipped $10 even, made it $55.50,” a look at her transaction history showed from her that she had paid $65.50. The almost 25% tip wasn’t good enough for the employee.

The enraged woman returned to the restaurant to have the issue addressed, but surprisingly when she got there, she discovered that the owner of the place was not accommodating towards her complaints at all. Not only was he unconcerned about the whole problem, but he also didn’t think it was worthwhile to take up the issue with the waitress in question.

Instead, he simply told Whitney that the fraudulent tip would not be returned until after ten business days.Whitney had asked to see the receipt but as even more shocked when she was given a customer copy instead of the standard merchant receipt she asked for.“Our server filled out the blank customer copy of the receipt and threw our merchant copy away. ” Whitney posted. “She forged a signature that isn’t even my name and tipped herself $10 extra.

All the manager is doing is working on getting my $10 back and could take up to a week.I’m so angry that a server did this and who knows how many times she’s done this and stole money from customers. ” an angry Whitney wrote on Facebook.As she, later on, discovered this wasn’t the first time the waitress was doing this. She had a notorious history of fraudulent tips like this which had even cost her several previous jobs.

It seems this errant waitress will never learn.It wasn’t until the story was covered by the local news station that the restaurant started taking action to save face. They quickly gave Whitney a cash refund and even went ahead to cover her entire bill and sent her an apology for the bad experience she got.Although Whitney was happy she got her refund, she still felt the need to warn others do they wouldn’t be scammed like this which sadly, is a common occurrence.

It is advised that to avoid scams like this; you might want to fill out your customer copy yourself. Alternatively, you can simply take it away to avoid dubious waiters like the one in this story to fill it with false information.You should also request for an alert from your bank to notify you of transactions on your account or check your statements regularly.