Man’s Entire Arm Turns Into A Bruise From An Insect Bite

We have to admit that everything that bothers us today, may it be problems at work, assignments, and projects at school, and even new ideas to keep our mind going, we search for answers online. Even if you believe in something, a single post on social media can change all that. This is how powerful the internet is. Many people will not be able to live without it.

New technology has found ways to be a part of our everyday lives, even in healthcare. Find out how modern technology was able to help save this mans’ life.

Thomas Jay from Arizona was brought to the hospital and admitted because of unexplained bruises, swelling, and welts on his arm. He was bitten by an unknown insect and this left his arm severely bruised. He was disposing trash from his home when he felt an insect bite his arm. This is an insect that he has never seen before.

Hours after the incident, the bite began to swell and dark bruises started to appear across his arm. He was also feeling acute pain. The bite was circular and it had white, sealed skin on top of it.

Dee Petrov, Jay’s wife didn’t know how to help her husband. She decided to reach out to social media for help. She shared the details of what happened to her husband on the Living Chandler Facebook page.

It didn’t take long for her post to receive numerous responses from people worldwide. A lot of people urged to take her husband to the hospital as soon as possible. She said, “We had 100 people (who) right away said don’t joke around, this is serious.”

Within 24 hours, Jay was transported from an urgent care center to two other hospitals. However, nobody knew how to treat him. The doctors and even the toxicologists who examined him didn’t know what to do. By now, the dark purple bruises covered his arm completely.

Nobody can assure them that they would be able to treat him. The doctors did not know of the insect that bit him and they decided not to take any chances. Instead, they took biopsies and collected his blood samples while continuing to monitor his condition.

The couple can vaguely identify the insect but Jay explained that it looked like a ‘solifugae.’ It’s an arachnid that is also known as ‘camel spider’ or ‘wind scorpion.’ There is no way to be 100% sure that it is the same insect that bit Jay.

Two weeks after he was confined at the hospital, his arm got better. However, he still needs to fully recover. He said, “There’s still excruciating pain that’s in the arm and it moves from different places at different times.”

To help cover for Jay’s medical expenses, his wife decided to start a Go Fund Me page and it says, “Any leftover money will be donated to research and education in hopes that we can help better fight these types of medical emergencies.”

The couple is extremely thankful for those who encouraged them to have Jay checked by a doctor. Nobody knows what could’ve happened if Dee did not share her husbands’ condition online. They also use the internet to their advantage to help spread knowledge about the dangers of bug bites.