Little Girl Rushed To Emergency Room For Botched Ear Piercing

When your daughter is old enough to ask for things, one of the requests that you cannot say no to is their earrings. Not only are the kids excited to have these, but so are the moms. We have seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and Katie Price have their daughter’s ear pierced at a very young age.

Now that your own daughter is asking for it, you get to buy her cute and fancy earrings during her birthdays or any occasion that she would be celebrating. This is why these kind of stories are easy to relate to for parents from all over the world.

Children would be nervous about it at first, but their desire to have their ears pierced would outweigh their level of fear for the pain that they are about to experience. There is no age restriction on most body piercings although a consent is needed for those who are under 16. According to a 2013 study, 7 years old is the most appropriate age for girls to get their ears pierced.

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that there’s a little risk at any age as long as this is performed carefully and care for properly.

However, not all ear piercings are successful. There are ear infection problems which are the most common issues for many little girls since most of them are not old enough to care for their piercings on their own. One of the worst case scenarios would be letting the hole close up because your child does not wish to deal with all the pain brought about by this infection.

However, what happened to this little girl was way more alarming! Suzie allowed her daughter Lily to have her ears pierced but she never thought that something like this can ever happen. Her piercing was done at a Claire’s branch at Harlow, North London.

Everything seemed okay and Suzie made sure that they follow all the cleaning rules that were instructed for Lily. A few weeks later, Suzie noticed that Lily’s earring was firmly embedded inside of her skin and she could not move it in any way. She tried pushing it backward and it will still not come forward. This is when the family decided to bring her to the hospital.

Lily was sedated and the earring was successfully removed. A scalpel was needed to remove it and she felt the pain when the needle was inserted into her ear. Suzie was told that the wound would heal in three weeks but may require at least six weeks for it to completely heal.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advice to always make sure that the piercings are performed correctly. It should be done at a location that uses sterile equipment and techniques and should follow the aftercare cleaning procedures for the entire duration. It is highly recommended to go to a trusted professional and try to avoid a jewelry store or a shopping center.

Suzie believes that Claire’s is to blame for what happened to her child. Claire’s also released a statement regarding this issue and they are standing by the safety of their equipment as well as the competence of their employees and their aftercare advice. Regardless of who is at fault, this should be a warning to all parents. You can save another little girl from an extreme pain experience.