Hospital Makes Mistake And Mixes Up Two Sets Of Twins

To be honest, you can’t make stuff like this up.

This is one of the most unusual true stores that you’ll ever come across. In this story, we get to meet William Canas Velasco, who was born along with his fraternal twin, Wilber, in December 1988. The two of them grew up as brothers, but a few encounters later in life forces William’s perception of Wilber to change.

One day, William was working in a butcher’s shop in Bogota, Columbia when he saw Janeth Paez, the girlfriend of his cousin, walk in with her friend Laura. When Laura saw William chopping pigs’ feet, she mistook him for her coworker Jorge Enrique Bernal Castro.

Laura’s coworker is a skilled engineer, so she was shocked to see him with a butcher’s knife. She waived at him, but he didn’t acknowledge her. Laura told Janeth that she knew the guy and that he wasn’t a butcher. Still, Janeth insisted that she knew William for a long time, and that he was basically married to his job as a butcher.

Since Laura knew her colleague’s face to a T, she was really confused by this. She kept quiet, and just figured that Jorge was ashamed about his side job. She approached Jorge the next day and asked him if he had been moonlighting as a butcher.

Jorge was stunned.

He told Laura that he has a fraternal twin named Carlos, but it couldn’t have been his “real” twin since they look nothing alike. It was just a coincidence that someone looked like him.

However, after Laura showed Jorge a picture of William, he couldn’t deny the resemblance. The coworkers had a Sherlock Holmes- type mystery on their hands.

They dug a bit deeper, and Jorge got a Facebook photo of William and Wilber posing next to each other. The resemblance was unsettling and uncanny. If he didn’t know better, Jorge would have thought it was a picture of himself and Carlos.

Now that he had proof, Jorge showed Carlos the picture of their twins from another dimension. Jorge and William were a proper match wile Wilber and Carlos also resembled each other. Carlos was determined to know who these impostors were.

Jorge and Carlos realized that two sets of identical twins must have been switched at the hospital, with one boy each going home with the wrong mother. Carlos knew that he was the genetic oddity, since he had different facial features from his other family members.

William, however, laughed when he saw a picture of his doppelganger, Jorge.

As it turned out, all four of them were born prematurely at the same hospital, where they were mixed up. Soon after the revelation, the boys determined to meet each other in person.

Jorge was apprehensive, and he said to the BBC, “I was afraid, because these were two guys who looked just like my brother and myself but again, I didn’t know who they were. I guess my biggest fear was that the could be bad people”

Of course, his fears were unwarranted, and their first meeting was filled with jokes and questions about each other. The twins discovered that their personalities were actually quite similar. Jorge and his real twin, William, had matching white phones, while Carlos and Wilber were flirtations, and are awesome dancers.

The “four brothers” have become closer since their first meeting, and they plan to buy a house and travel together.