He Let This Cyst Go For 25 Years, Doctors Floored When He Finally Comes In

When most people see something wrong on the body, they go to get it checked out by a doctor. One woman had a cyst for 25 years before getting treatment. When she finally went to the doctor, it was full of infection and appeared to explode like a champagne bottle once the doctor was able to relieve the pressure.

The woman goes to the doctor to have the cyst examined. As the doctor begins to look at the area, he begins the process of getting the materials ready to start relieving the pressure that has built under the skin. The cyst is rather large. The doctor appears to be stunned at the size of the cyst and the amount of infection that is present.

After a few moments of gently prodding the cyst, a large amount of infection erupts. It’s almost like a volcano or champagne bubbling from a bottle once the lid has been removed. The woman seems to be relieved, but there’s also an element of disgust from the doctor and the person filming. There is no reason as to why the woman waited so long before going to the doctor or if there was anything medically wrong for the cyst to form.