Dad Went Into An Uncontrollable Rage When His Daughter Was Born Because He Wanted A Boy

When a couple finds out that they are expecting a baby, it’s common for them to hope that the baby is one gender instead of the other.

For many fathers, they often want a little boy who they can play ball with and take hunting or fishing.

Mothers often want a little girl so that they can share special times together, such as makeovers and spa days.

Dr. Jason Bittner is a chiropractor in Ohio. When he found out the gender of his new baby, he wasn’t as happy as most new fathers are.

His wife found out that they were going to have a little girl, but he wanted a boy. The couple already has two children.

Bittner was able to maintain his cool for a few months after his daughter was born, but it was soon too much for him to handle.

When the baby was just three months, Bittner did something that most new fathers wouldn’t.

The little baby started to get fussy one day, and Bittner assaulted her. She had brain damage because of the force of the impact.

There were also at least two dozen fractures to her bones.

Bittner had his day in court and was indicted on numerous counts of felony child endangerment and assault on a child.

He assaulted the baby in the home that he shared with his wife and their other children.

Having a little girl instead of the boy he wanted pushed him over the edge, and he lashed out at the helpless baby.

Bittner’s practice has posted updates about the couple in the past. The nurses posted that the little girl was born in November of 2017.

A picture of the baby’s mother was also posted along with her birth weight.

Bittner appears to enjoy the moment of being a father to a little girl again, but he’s boiling on the inside.

A prosecutor has claimed that Bittner was unhappy when the baby fussed.

Bittner’s wife took the baby to the hospital after she was injured and claimed that it was an accident.

The father was arrested at his office the next day after doctors determined that the injuries were not consistent with an accident.

Source: Dad pleads not guilty in daughter’s abuse by WCPO