A “Tough” Thug Tried To Attack An Innocent Elderly Man, But Didn’t Know He Was In For

Bullies and criminals like easy work. They’ll target vulnerable people who they think will make easy targets. Last week we reported how a heroin addict assaulted and mugged a centenarian Holocaust survivor to steal her purse, killing in her the process. That man received his just desserts in court. But in this video, the young man who decided to attack an elderly man received his justice instantly.

Watch the shocking footage to see a young man get what he deserves as soon as he acts out. The video acts as a reality check that one should not judge a book by its cover. To the contrary, we need to be open to new experiences and new people and try not to assume we know what they are capable of doing. This elderly man proved that he was not a person to be trifled with despite his advanced age.

The clip starts by showing an elderly man wearing a baseball cap standing in a shopping center. He has a bag at his feet, which is apparently loaded with goodies that are somewhat valuable. That’s when the other guy, who is less than half his age, dashes up and tries to take what belongs to the old man.

The man who is filming the assault seems to be a friend of the assailant. He eggs the attacker on, urging him to abuse the elderly man in public.

“Oh, you’re going after him,” the man behind the camera taunts.

The elderly man refuses to back down. He says, “I’m going to hurt you.”

Unfortunately for the attacker, he laughs off this threat. Without any seeming provocation, the attacker puts up his fists and then takes a step toward the old man. Before another moment can pass, he takes the first swing at the elderly man’s face.

The old man easily dodges the lame attacks. Clearly, the unprovoked assailant has no clue how to fight, and the elderly man gives him another warning before he strikes back.

“I’m going to hurt you,” the man said. He wants to give the assailant a chance to change his mind and flee because he knows how to fight. He learned a few boxing moves during his youth and has not forgotten them. And the old man is not afraid to use them against this man who has come into his life for the sole purpose of tormenting him and trying to attack him.

Because the attacker does not back down, the old man strikes forth with a punch. His fist connects with the guy’s face and knocks him to the ground. Out like a light, the young assailant hits the pavement. His entire failure was caught on camera and later uploaded to the internet to be shared with the world.

Even his friend seems glad that the assailant got what he deserved.

“Oh, you got knocked the f*** out boy. Knocked the f*** out.” The cameraman is shocked and stunned that the elderly man had that much power in his punch.